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Print Series


Icelandic landscapes  and Arctic  changes

Through these photographs, and through my work in general, I strive to showcase the beauty of the natural world, while raising awareness of the fragility of many regions and species. My photographs of the Arctic fox show the animal's incredible resilience in its natural habitat—a habitat that, like a myriad of regions in the Arctic, is experiencing the combined threats of climate change, tourism, pollution and urbanization. 

In Iceland, I saw many examples of humans and animals coexisting, and humans respecting nature and using it sustainably. I think it is possible to preserve the beauty and diversity of the Arctic, and I set out through my work to show why it is worth preserving.

Arctic, fox, Iceland, Fine Art, Photography, Print

Prints come in two sizes, 16 x 20 and 20 x 30 inches. Size in stock and price indicated when clicking on photographs. Indicate in the note area at check out if you want the print signed and titled.


Send me an email if you are interested in a size not in stock. This is an open edition.

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