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mountains of my 


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I've always been drawn to the mountains. I started skiing at 5, my father guiding me down the gentle slopes. Since then my love for skiing only increased; and, with it, the love for the mountains, which I received from my parents. The Alps, in particular, are like a second home for me. They are both an incredibly beautiful environment, full of nature and life, and a challenging one, that pushes me to step out of my comfort zone. Some of the people I admire the most, for their strength, their good spirit and their wisdom, come from or have lived their life among snow caped peaks. Mountains have also taught me to live in the moment. "Where we are at this moment, wrote Andreas Fransson, an extremely talented Swedish skier who passed away in 2014, is the deepest and most sophisticated,

beautiful and incredible place we can be."

Plain flying and mountian background, French Alps
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Mountains at sunset, French Alps
Mont Blanc et sunset, French Alps
The Alps seen through a window, French Alps
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IMG_4168 copy.jpg
Skier in fog, French Alps
Fog in pine trees, French Alps
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